Design of buildings and facilities

  • Construction architecture, landscape design, landscaping, design of structures
  • Technical drawing of Internal water supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, cooling system, external network and its related facilities
  • Technical drawing of internal lighting, power supply, external network and its related facilities (up to 10 kW)
  • Designing of Internal radio communication system, fire and alarm system, data facility drawing, security system and its related facilities, technology, computer, internal network, external network
  • Design of monitoring, measuring instrument, automatic for apartment, civil and industrial building, equipment

Design of engineering facility and network

  • Technical drawing of main network of heating line and its related facilities
  • Technical drawing of main network of water supply and sewerage; and its related facilities
  • Technical drawing of main network of power transmission and its related facilities /up to 35 kW/
  • Technical drawing of energy source

Construction and Engineering Networking

A. Construction work

  • Construction, interior decoration, interior work
  • Cast and cast iron reinforced concrete and full cast structure, construction work (1-16 layers)
  • Construction of reinforced and cast concrete, steel concrete and steel structures up to 30 m, including towers, pillars, retaining walls and chimney antennas

B. Construction work of construction and network construction work

  • Installation of heating, ventilator, water supply, sewerage networks, their equipment and external branch lines
  • Installation of lighting, power supply, and external branch line construction
  • Construction communication alarm, internet network, equipment, installation of external branch and network 
  • Assembly and installation of alarm systems for fire fighting and fire alarms
  • Assembly and installation of construction safety alarm systems

C. Develop technical and economic feasibility and construction budget

D. Procurement and supply of inventory

E. Engineering and supply of qualified personnel


We are providing the following services for power communications. These include:

  • Installation and maintenance of power supply inside and outside the building
  • Installation and maintenance of the system
  • Installation of housing and office associations and security signals
  • Fire alarm and fire automation system
  • Installation of street lighting and facade lighting
  • Feasibility studies, designs, assemblies, adjustments, tests, modifications and upgrades of 0.4-3.5 kV line, substation, distribution facility, transplant station
  • Renewable energy wind and solar power plant installation and maintenance 
  • Diesel power station installation and maintenance
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Continuous Feeding Equipment (UPS)
  • Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Voltage Densitants (AVR)
  • Supply, installation and maintenance of DC power supply
  • Supply and supply of electrical equipment and materials for common use
  • Design, assembly, adjustment, consulting and service of relay protection and automatic equipment for up to 35 kV
  • Installation of automatic switching apparatus from 0.4 kV network and backup generators

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